That Friday Feeling Every Day


"Frsh Friday" Unisex Tee - white logo

"Frsh Friday" Women's Crop Hoodie - Red/White Logo

"FR FR" Children's Tee - Black Logo

"Frsh Friday" Trucker Hat - Red/White Logo

"Frsh Friday" Unisex Hoodie - Red/White Logo

"FR FR" Children's Tee - White Logo

"Frsh Friday" Trucker Hat - White Logo

"Frsh Future" Trucker Cap - One Size Fits All

Why Friday?

What does the word "Friday" do for you?Is it the day that you're going out? Is it the day that signifies your next two days off? Is it the day you go on your weekly dates? Is it another day to be grateful?To us, Friday is EVERY DAY. It's a Frsh Start, a new 24 hours. We're expressing this feeling through fashion to support you to express your own Frshness for the world to see.So we're capturing that sensation: to feel Frsh, to look Frsh, to think Frsh, to express Frsh.And we want you to be Frsh with us! Show us how you #StayFrsh every day and express your Frsh Levels. Every month, we will introduce a new "Frsh Scent" for you to showcase your Frshest Fits. This is your opportunity to show the WORLD how Frsh your own universe truly is. You may be one of the top 10 in the community to be showcased in our monthly Frshman Class (click here to see the rules: #StayFrsh)As we bring in Frsh apparel drops every month, our Frshness doesn't allow us to stay in the same feel for too long so once time is up, that Frsh Start is getting a Frsh Reset.

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Frsh Services

Beyond Frsh Apparel, we do provide services that exemplify our motto of freshness.
See below the current services we offer:

Keep Your Trash Cans Fresh and Clean!

Introducing our professional trash can cleaning service! As the heat wave continues, say goodbye to unpleasant odors and dirty bins. We offer convenient and affordable options to keep your trash cans sparkling clean.

Contact InformationPhone: (702)738-0653

Individual Cleaning

  • $20.00 USD / bin

  • One-Time Service

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

  • $35.00 USD / month

  • 2 Cleanings / month

Monthly Cleaning

  • $50.00 USD / month

  • Cleaning Every Friday

Scented Cleaning Add-On for $5.00 USD

*Currently only servicing Las Vegas / North Las Vegas
**Acceptable Payments: Cash or Secured Online Payment